Who am I?

Teacher, Coach, Mentor


Learning and teaching since 1987

To sum up, I have over 30 years of experience with technologies and teaching them as an instructor. In the last 25 years I have dedicated myself more to the Apple platform, but I always keep myself updated in the universe of all devices and systems.

I also have over 25 years of experience with internet and VR technologies. Since 2011, I have taught courses in the area of 360° photo and video for professionals and local businesses. This includes all possible segments to use immersive technologies, from education and tourism to sports, real estate, automobiles, Google Street View Trusted, etc.

Since 2004 I have been studying all the main Google tools, since they are the structural basis of digital heritage for any business on the internet. This includes SEO, Analytics, Google My Business and all applications that can streamline customer service and business.

When something goes wrong on your computer (smartphone, TV, electronic equipment, ...), Software is what you curse, Hardware is what you kick.

Difference between Hardware and Software

My Mission

Teach to empower

My mission is to teach and demystify technologies so that you have enough confidence and information to make better decisions for your business, whatever it is.

In addition to lectures and face-to-face workshops, I teach VIP courses (Virtual + Interactive + Personalized) where my main objective is to ensure the success of each student / client’s plans and projects.

For this it is very important that we have clarity of your real goals in order to put together the best strategy and help you on this journey in the most accurate way possible.

Now I believe that you have introduced me properly, and I would like to know from you what your needs are so that together we can find the best solutions for them.

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Dionizio Bach

I am deeply passionate about communication, my love is to empower entrepreneur people and improve the results of local/small businesses using multimedia tools in inbound marketing strategies. I want to translate tech information to common language and transform goals into actions, and actions into positive results.

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