Girl Rising – A film to educate new generations

Perhaps this type of information is not so well disseminated, or does not receive the proper attention from the media, or perhaps it still only circulates more frequently among women themselves…. The fact is that yesterday I went to any website and saw the advertisement for a project that caught my attention by its name: Girl Rising.

I clicked on the ad link and found out that the film was released in 2012, but only now did I have the opportunity to get to know this wonderful project. Better late than never. Maybe these are “old news” but I invite you to know a little more about the Girl Rising project, which aims to change the lives of thousands of girls, simply by allowing them to attend school regularly. Does it seem absurd? Unfortunately it’s true.

The essence of Girl Rising is to tell the story of 9 girls around the world; but what do these girls have in common? Each of them found a way to study, struggling to grow up in an unfavorable and sometimes hostile environment.

The campaign’s slogan is: “Girls’ education can break cycles of poverty in just one generation, yet millions of girls still don’t go to school”.

The main objective is to raise awareness about women’s empowerment through education, and to encourage the raising of resources to continue the project and change the reality of so many other girls around the world. See the trailer below to get a better idea.

In due course, today is International Women’s Day and, to celebrate the current achievements and also to continue fighting against the discrimination and abuses that still exist, I felt moved to talk about education, for this and the next generations. Watching this film, I realized that nowadays there are still places on our planet where women – girls – are forbidden to attend school, and with that they are robbed of basic access to literacy and culture.

And speaking of culture, in Brazil we are not free to harm our girls, either with our social habits of decreasing women or by exploiting the work (and body) of children and women.

Check out a bit of the participation of Neilza Buarque Costa, World Vision Maternal and Child Health advisor and coordinator of the “Health for Children First” campaign, in the panel of debates held after the official screening of the film Girl Rising in Brazil, an event that took place in auditorium of the Polytechnic School of USP. The feature film, sponsored by Intel, shows the close link between advancing girls’ education and overcoming poverty. Published by World Vision on Friday, August 16, 2013

The Girl Rising project also has the support and partnership of several organizations and celebrities, which greatly increases visibility and allows access to this information for new generations. Among the supporters are World Vision, United Nations, Intel, Facebook, Girl Effect, Selena Gomez, among others.

More about Girl Rising

The film Girl Rising is about women, but not only for women, so if you want to collaborate with this change, help to promote the film, share the links on your social networks. You can also purchase the movie itself and other related products from the official Girl Rising store for fundraising.

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