Google My Business – Editing photos adds value to your business


After creating a free listing or claiming your local business on Google Maps at no cost, the next step is to fill in the data correctly so that your customers know when and how your business is working and, especially, to register interesting photos to attract attention. from those who still don’t know your local business personally. See how to improve your online presence with Google My Business, editing the basic data is just a start.

Depois de criar uma ficha gratuitamente ou reivindicar seu estabelecimento no Google Maps sem custo nenhum, o próximo passo é preencher os dados corretamente para que seus clientes saibam quando e como é o funcionamento do seu negócio e, principalmente, cadastrar fotos interessantes para atrair a atenção de quem ainda não conhece o seu negócio local pessoalmente. Veja como melhorar sua presença online com o Google Meu Negócio, editar os dados básicos é só começo.

Google My Business – Editing frequently and keeping up to date is essential

Currently anyone can add photos to any business registered on Google Maps. This is a native resource and allows people to share their own experiences with any local registrant. In fact, it is even possible to register places that do not yet have a card on the map and from everyone when you see this place and attach your photos, videos and even with a 360 degree Virtual Tour.

For this reason it is extremely important that the owner of the place also register as his own photos and, if possible, hire an official Virtual Tour via Street View that represents his business and his interests.

Keeping your data data is essential for your customers to save time in the decision of their suppliers. An outdated card generates discredit for your business.

In addition to contact details and “how to get there”, visitors also use the Google Maps form to check the reviews of other customers and take the opportunity to get to know the establishment as much as possible before leaving home. And this is where your photos and videos will speak for you.


The best way to edit and maintain your common data is to use the Google My Business own smartphone app, just download it for free from the App Store on your platform. Available for Apple iOS and Android.

How to choose the best photos of my establishment for Google My Business

In general, you can be one of the following groups:

There are nice pictures of your business in good quantity for publicity;

Has billiards or no decent photos of your establishment;

There are so many photos that you don’t know which one to choose when publishing it.

If you are in the first group, great, a disclosure of your company is organized and you will take it all out of the letter. But if you are in groups 2 or 3 it is time to organize the image of your business before continuing. The list below is a good starting point for choosing which images really interest your audience.

Identity Photos


The essential images for people to recognize your business are the identity photos, and there are three:

Profile – Your profile photo helps people recognize your business across Google. In general, it should appear well in a square or circle.

Logo – Your Logo helps customers to immediately recognize your brand. Upload square images or your Logo will be adapted so that it is in the appropriate format. Ideally make a Logo application within a circle, as this is how your identity appears ” throughout the Google ecosystem

Cover – Your cover photo shows the personality of your business.

These three photos will be the first impression of your business. After them, separate other important images that should motivate the visitor to come to know your business in person.

Photos of the internal part of the company

The photos on the inside serve your customers to feel the atmosphere and decoration of your company. Place at least three good photos of the inside of your establishment to show customers what your company is like inside


Capture photos that really show how you are inside your company as a customer. Ex: in front of the counter or sitting at a table.

Capture your company’s atmosphere in the photos. For example, if you are a Cafeteria owner, take photos of your customers sipping coffee at it (with their signed permission to use the photos for marketing purposes).


Photos of the external part of the company

The photos on the outside assist customers to recognize your company as they approach it coming from different ones. Place at least three good photos of the outside to help your customers find your business when they arrive.


Capture a photo of each street direction where customers can approach your business.

Try to upload photos that show your business at different times of the day.


Team Photos


The photos of the team are important to present a more personal side of your establishment. Search for at least three photos that show your management team and your employees.


Show something a little less formal to humanize your company.

Show yourself and some employees to highlight your personalities and give customers an idea of ​​what you look like.

Ask permission and/or get the team member to sign an Employee Photo Release Form. That might save you from future headaches.

Additional photos

Select photos of your company’s unique and attractive features that do not fit perfectly into the photo categories. References more photos of your company that do not fit into any of the other categories

Additional photos for bars, cafeterias and restaurants

Photos of food and drinks

Food and beverage photos provide cores and details to your business and reduce customers to plan where to eat. Place at least three photos of the food and / or drinks you serve.


Show the foods that are most popular on your menu.

Try to take pictures of your food with uniform lighting.


Menu Photos

The menu photos add personality to your establishment and establishment for customers to decide where to eat. Place pictures of their delicious food and drink menu.


Place a photo of each menu (for example, breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour).

If you have a PDF menu, save it as an image first. Export each page as an image in JPG or PNG formats.


Additional photos for Shops

Products Photos

Good photos of representative or popular products suitable for customers have a better understanding of the types of products you offer. Place at least three photos of products you sell.


Show the items that are most popular in your company.

Try to take pictures of your products with uniform lighting.


Additional photos for service providers

Photos on Work

Business photos let customers quickly understand the type of work you do. Place at least three photos that represents the services you offer.


Capture photos of your team that provides different types of service to customers.

Capture photos of the specialized services you offer.


360° Photos and Virtual Tour

To improve the experience of your customers and further expand the attraction of your business ahead of your competitors, it is possible to add a 360 degree Virtual Tour using a Street View platform (formerly called Google Business View).

According to studies carried out by Google, an own photos sheet and Virtual Tour generate:

  • Greater credibility
  • Greater differentiation and defense
  • Encourages consumers to visit your business
  • Encourages visitors to buy from your brand

The data shows that companies that have listings on Google Maps:

  • 94% more chances to be considered;
  • More likely to be chosen compared to those who do not have a record;
  • 29% more likely to encourage consumers to buy products or services from them.

The files that have photos, videos and Virtual tour have even better results:

  • When searching for companies, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.
  • Photo cards and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.
  • On average, 41% of place searches result in a site visit.

Learn more about the benefits for your business from the Google My Business, Google Maps and Google Street View search platform. If you need help, do not hesitate to search on the comments below or on the contact page. And don’t forget to share the link to this article to your entrepreneurial friends

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