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Google My Business Health and Performance Reports - Dionizio Bach Digital Marketing

Google My Business

Health & Performance Reports for
your Google Business Profile

GMB Analysis & Optimization Reports

Automatically analyzes more than 25 items from your GMB location, providing you with a score and detailed information to help you through the profile optimization process

Google My Business Advanced Insights

GMB insights only gives information of the last 3 months. My reports comes from the Google API and are super detailed with daily charts and historical information for the latest 18 months to help with your decision making and strategies.

Health Check Evolution

Constant reposts shows the Health Check Analysis evolution, providing information that can be analyzed with Insights.

This feature alone is a game-changer that you can rely on to make better strategies 

Effectively Promote Your Business on Google Search & Google Maps

Use posts, photos, videos, and Q&A to drive traffic and sales

Google My Business offers a number of features that allow you to reach more potential customers and boost the effectiveness of your profile.

With my Google My Business Health & Performance Reports, you will be able to analyze and optimize your Google Business Profile and see your results grow every month.

Ensure a Positive Reputation on Google

Easily get new Google Reviews and show your value

Reviews are one thing every customer wants to read before making a purchase decision. Google agrees. Industry studies show that Google reviews are an important factor to Local SEO in ranking your listing on Google Maps and Google Search results.

Get your most satisfied clients to speak about their experiences with my exclusive Review Card with QR Code and the twin Digital Interactive version.

Ger more Client Reviews

Improve your Local SEO

Keep a Healthy Business Profile

Dionizio Bach


My name is Dionizio Bach , I am a specialist in business positioning on the internet and I work with Multimedia Production for Digital Marketing, helping entrepreneurial people to understand how to use them in their favor, to achieve their results.

To sum up, I have over 30 years of experience with technologies and teaching them as an instructor.

I also have more than 25 years of experience with VR technologies, and since 2011 I have been teaching courses in the area of ​​360° photos and videos for professionals and local businesses. This includes all possible segments of using immersive technologies, from education and tourism to sports, real estate, automobiles, Google Street View, etc.

For the past 15 years I have been studying all the main Google tools, since they are the structural basis of digital heritage for any business on the internet. This includes Google My Business and the Street View Trusted program.

My mission is to teach and demystify technologies in an uncomplicated way so that you have enough confidence and information to make better decisions for your business, whatever it is.

In addition to lectures and classroom workshops, courses I like to call VIP (Virtual + Interactive + Personalized) where my main goal is to ensure the success of the plans and projects of each student / client.

For this it is very important that we have clarity of your real goals to set up the best strategy and help you on this journey in the most accurate way possible.

Check out the reviews of those who have already worked with me:

22 reviews on
Vladimir Svetlany
Vladimir Svetlany
Excelente professor!!
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Yna Honda
Yna Honda
Neste mundo de tantas informações dispersas, e outras que nem sabíamos que existiam, receber a mentoria do Dionízio Bach tem sido fundamental para a Casa do Contador de Histórias. Graças aos seus conhecimentos, e sua didática, nossa instituição está trilhando uma jornada profissional e segura.
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Helida Paixao
Helida Paixao
Com esta assessoria mudamos nossa forma de pensar nossas midias. Hoje temos tudo organizado e algo que realmente nos representa. Atendimento sempre pronto e eficiente. Foi um divisor de aguas para nós. Nada menos que excelente.
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Rômulo Santos
Rômulo Santos
O Djio e sua equipe nos atente desde 2002. Sempre aprendemos muitos com sua mentoria e outros serviços que nos ajudam a realizar negócios. Ao longo do tempo, mais do que clientes, nos tornamos amigos. Parabéns e obrigado pela sua dedicação.
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Mateus Poltronieri
Mateus Poltronieri
Serviço de excelência! O Dionísio é uma pessoa super paciente e entende muito do que faz. Recomendo de olho fechado!
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Rômulo Santos
Rômulo Santos
O Djio nos acompanha com a sua consultoria e mentoria desde 2003. Uma parceria de longo prazo pela qualidade técnica e bons resultados que nos ajudar a conquistar.
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Fernando Hollanda
Fernando Hollanda
O Dionizio é um excelente profissional, mostra todos os detalhes minuciosamente, e orienta de forma clara o que deve ser feito. Indico com certeza.
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Ayres Sória
Ayres Sória
Plenamente satisfeito com os trabalhos executados. Profissional muitíssimo competente que muito nos auxiliou (CCH) nas recomendações e resoluções de nossos problemas na área. O empenho, empatia e grande conhecimento técnico são pontos muito fortes nos atendimentos.
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Giovana de Lucca
Giovana de Lucca
Excelente profissional. Trabalho desde a construção de uma base sólida até a venda.
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Google My Business

Health & Performance Reports​

Click the option that better suits you now

Get advanced insights for analysis and optimizations on your Google Business Profile

Health & Performance Reports​

Business Health Report:

Business Performance Report:

Google My Business Reports

Detailed reports of your online presence on Google to help you improve your online marketing actions.

$ 197 00
One-time payment
  • Complete Business Health Report
  • Advanced Business Performance Report

Keep your Business Profile healthy and improve your performance constantly

Get updated reports every month

Christmas Special - Twice-a-month Reports on Every Plan - Dionizio Bach


Pay every month

$ 99 70
/ month
  • Business Health Report
  • Business Performance Report
  • Review Cards: Print + Digital
  • Reports twice a month


Pay every 3 months

$ 249 70
/ quarter
  • Business Health Report
  • Business Performance Report
  • Review Cards: Print + Digital
  • Reports twice a month


Pay every 6 months

$ 449 70
/ semester
  • Business Health Report
  • Business Performance Report
  • Review Cards: Print + Digital
  • Reports twice a month


Pay every 12 months​

$ 799 70
/ year
  • Business Helath Report
  • This is a tooltip
  • Business Performance Report
  • This is a tooltip
  • Review Cards: Print + Digital
  • This is a tooltip
  • Reports twice a month
  • This is a tooltip

Initial optimization by specialists + Lifetime monthly reports

Best Value! Get set for life!

Business Health Report

Business Performance Report

BONUS - GMB Optimization (a $397 value)

BONUS - Review Cards (a $97 value)

Initial GMB Optimization + Monthly Lifetime Reports

$ 1997 00
  • Monthly Business Profile Health Report in your email
  • Monthly Business Performance Report in your email
  • BONUS - Google My Business Initial Optimization
  • BONUS - Digital Interactive Review Cart
  • BONUS - Printed Review Cart with QR Code
  • Reports twice a month instead of once
One-time Payment


Yes, but only if you follow the tips and advices in the reports, as they will bring to you the most updated and in-depth information via Google API, so you will be able to analyze and optimize you GMB Profile right away.

Please note that, while having an optimized Google My Business profile will help increase your rankings, traffic, and customers, you should consider ongoing management and promotion in order to get the most out of your presence as Google My Business is always changing!

This will totally depend on your market and industry but, in general, customers following our Reports and Advices for their Google Business Profile start to see results within 30 to 90 days after optimized. That said, some customers also see almost instant results. However, we don’t want you to be too anxious so we like to say that it’s safe to plan to see more activity from your profile within 90 days.

When you subscribe to any or my Report Plans you will receive Review Cards that makes it easy for you to ask for Google reviews via printed Posters/Stickers at your facilities and  via instant messages.

We also provide text templates that you can send via emails, SMS or IM as well.

These are the most effective ways to get customers to leave five-star reviews on Google.

From start to finish, the Google My Business Optimization Service takes between 2 to four 4 weeks to complete from your start date. Since you’ll be working with a GMB Expert, you’ll be kept up to date every step of the way. If you are optimizing more than one listing, your account manager will be in close contact with you so that you stay informed of any needs or delays.

These reports and services are only for  Google My Business Profiles. We also provide optimization services for websites in WordPress. Please check » www.360sites.pro

Sure! We provide volume prices for chains, networks or even if you have only 2 different locations/profiles.

Talk to my team so we can get you more details about the prices for your scenario.

We also have special prices for ORGs, talk to us and see if your entity is covered.

If you prefer that my team do this services done for you (DFY) on a monthly basis, schedule a meeting so we can talk about your needs and check the best strategies for your goals.

No! There are no contracts or long-term commitments, you can use my GMB Reports service for as long as you like, and leave at any time.

However, many of my customers have worked with me for years and are very pleased!

Sure! I work with GMB for years and can assure you that my reports will be a game-changer for your Local SEO and the organic results you are looking for.

However, if you are not fully satisfied with the data quality they provide, you have 14 days to ask for a refund, just talk to my team.

You can even keep the reports and use them, so there is no risk for you. We just ask in return, if you please, and with no obligation, tell us how can we improve our services.

Legal Warning: Any information present on the website “DIONIZIOBACH.COM” and products should not be considered as a common gain, exact or promise of success. The tips and suggestions of the GMB REPORTS do not guarantee results, since it depends exclusively on the work and individual dedication of each customer. All the visitors’ information, as name, email and phone, are protected, and will not be shared, or disclosed to third-parties. By entering the website groups, the registered user will receive information from DIONIZIO BACH and 360°MIX including their products and offers.

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GMB REPORTS is an independent project conceived by Dionizio Bach, a Google Local Guide, Google Street View Trusted Photographer, specialist in Digital Marketing, SEO and Organic Positioning, in association with 360°Mix, a Training, Multimedia and Marketing company, and being the person of Dionizio Bonfim Bach fully responsible for the delivery of content and services of this professional and the 360°Mix’s team of experts. Any support request related to the services presented here must be requested via WhatsApp +55 41 988 899 700 or any contact form available at www.dioniziobach.com/contacts

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