How to appear on the first page of Google and stay there!

Como aparecer na primiera página do Google e fica lá

I have a friend named Jeyson and we eventually met to talk business. He always tells me that there are 3 things that never meet in the same place: The Good, the Cheap and the Fast. If something is good and fast, it is certainly not cheap; and if something is fast and cheap, it is unlikely to be good. From that, I realized that the strategy we use to appear on Google is an excellent example of how a simple and free methodology can be slow but very efficient. So, if you want to know how to appear on the first page of Google (and stay there!) Read on because the most honest answer would be: Is it good? Of course! – It’s cheap? Relatively – Is it fast? It depends.

But do not let this introduction discourage you, as in fact this process is efficient and long-lasting, but it also requires the commitment of your team and an expectation of results in the medium / long term. That is why there are sponsored links (ads), for those who need quick and punctual results. While you are paying, it will appear in the first places of the searches and you will receive many results, but when you stop paying it will also stop appearing.

So what are the options available?

How to appear on the first page of Google and stay there?

Como Aparecer no Google - Google Meu Negócio1.Google My Business – For those in a hurry

Some time ago Google launched a very cool tool for companies that want to advertise their business for free, which is called Google My Business. The main objective is to transform Google Maps into the best local guide that exists, with relevant, accurate and constantly updated information by the most interested in your own business: you!

How to appear on the first page of Google – Do it yourself

Follow these steps, if you have a Local Business (with a physical address) it can also appear on Google Maps.

1.Search your business on Google (put your name and address to be sure);

  • If you find your business on the map, claim your ownership and edit the data;
  • If not, create a new page and start from scratch.

2.Edit all data and include your photos

3.Confirm that the deal is yours (the default is by post, but some deals can be verified over the phone if Google shows you this option).

4.From now on you will be able to search for your business on Google and it will appear in 1st place, with important data for your customers and images that will allow you to know your products and services, increasing your credibility as a local company.

5.Optionally, you can hire an outsourced 360 ° photo service to allow your visitors to see inside your store and get to know your business even more, using Street View to attract more customers. This service is called Google Business View and is performed by companies accredited by Google to guarantee the quality of the photos that will be published.

Are you new to Google My Business? Do not worry. You only need a Google Account to get started. It can be the same as you use for Gmail or Google+. [Google My Business Help]

This tool ensures that you can appear on the first page of Google, because when people search for your name, your business will already be registered and it will be the best possible result of the search!

If you do not have the patience for this, or if you have difficulties in carrying out the process, visit this link.

Como Aparecer no Google - Inbound MarketingInbound Marketing – For those who have time

On the other hand, people are often not looking for your business, and they may not even know that you are in the market. And in these cases we need to make ourselves known. In order to appear on the first page of Google, we will use a very efficient strategy called Content Marketing, which is part of the Inbound Marketing methodology.

In short, Inbound Marketing is all types of marketing that aims to attract customers with their permission. That is, instead of interrupting your audience with intrusive advertisements, you offer answers to the difficulties that they already have. With that, we changed the order of the “I have a solution! You have a problem?” to “What is your problem? Maybe I have a solution!

Thus, we will pay attention to the customer for his problems before receiving his full attention for our solutions, and this methodology is much more assertive and consequently brings much more results.

Content Marketing

One of the most effective and inexpensive forms of Inbound Marketing, is to create content on your website / blog. This content will answer the questions that your audience is asking about subjects that you have mastered in your industry. The more questions you answer, the more likely you are to appear.

In this way, instead of talking about random subjects waiting for someone to discover our posts, we will create relevant topics for our potential customers and make Google discover and position our articles as the best answers to the questions that are really asked, and this is the essence of Content Marketing.

SEO does not mean winning the top spot on Google.

In addition to quality content, it is also very important that you have an attractive and intuitive website, built on a semantic platform that facilitates SEO (search engine optimization). With this organized structure, and allied with the driving force of social sharing, in due time you will notice the flywheel effect on your website, making your posts appear more and more in Google’s top positions without much effort or financial investment.

Even though SEO is an essential part of the process, it will not define which keywords are most relevant to your goals, nor recognize the Personas that represent your target audience, much less the stage of the Purchase Journey in which they are found, or set up the structure of your Content Tree. That is, SEO alone does not do anything alone, but coupled with a well-adjusted Inbound Marketing machine you will have all the ingredients to make your business take off!

Does this all seem Greek? Do not worry!

Keep learning with our posts on Digital Marketing. We are here to help you define the best strategy for how to appear on the first page of Google in a structured and efficient way. If you need help, get in touch so we can better understand your difficulties. And don’t forget to share this article and comment on your experiences below.

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