How to make money with the internet fast – Is it possible?

The internet is a huge space of opportunity and you can take advantage of your own knowledge for your benefit. If you are an expert in any subject, you can combine business with pleasure and share your experience with the world, while creating a network of contacts and visitors that can potentially generate new business for you and / or your partners. But after all, how to make money with the internet for real?

There are several ways to make money on the internet, and the vast majority of them are based on a single commodity: content. But is content something to sell? After all, who buys content? Let’s first think about what the content they are offering us means.


There is content for all kinds of public

All the success of the internet can be attributed to a single premise: someone is looking for something. When you watch a video on YouTube, there is now a communication between someone and you, and this communication is made up of the following elements:

Issuer = Video Author (or who republished the original video = producer)

Medium = Video (Audiovisual Piece)

Channel = YouTube (Internet Video Site)

Receiver = You (and whoever else is watching = audience)

Message = Video Content / Information (textual, verbal, iconographic, audiovisual, etc.)

That is, from a Makeup Tutorial to Nissin Ourfali’s Bar Mitzvah, everything is content, and interests a specific audience.

As soon as someone posts some information on the Web, it becomes immediately public. What we call “leaked on the net” is nothing more than private content that has inadvertently (or on purpose) been posted publicly, and is available for anyone to see

How to make money with the internet with your own knowledge

We are assuming that you have some knowledge / information and that you want to share it on the internet. This knowledge needs to be processed in a way that is reproducible and can be considered original. The end product of this effort we will call Original Content from now on.

Original content

This original content may be in the form of text, book, photo, illustration, lecture, video lesson, music, film, software, etc. And you must prove that you own the copyright to this content or information. The quality in the production of this content is what will define whether it will be commented on, indicated and shared by its consumers. This initial phase is the most difficult, but remember that any walk always starts with the first step.

Your original content – from any area of ​​knowledge – has the potential to attract a specific audience. This audience may be interested in obtaining your content and, depending on the profile of the audience and the type of content, they will be able to access it in two ways: Paying or Free of charge.

Investing a little time and resources

Few people know how to make money from the internet as well as specialized content sites. For that, it is necessary to produce some type of content of sufficient quality that convinces people that your service / product will end up with some type of problem, to the point that she gives up and pays for your content. Here are some cases of how to make money from the internet with paid content:

Domestika – Online Courses – Watch live for free, or buy individual access to view the course at any time.

Lynda.com – Online Courses – Subscribe to a monthly fee and get access to any course available in the growing library of video classes. Pay a little extra and receive the teaching materials to accompany each course.

Apple One / Google Play – Digital Media and Apps Market – Buy music, movies, TV shows, smartphone apps and tablets all in one place.

Netflix / Amazon Prime Vídeo – Video Streaming – Subscribe to an honest monthly fee and access all the contents of the current library available: Movies, Series, Concerts, Children’s programs, etc. Claro Vídeo, in addition to the affordable monthly fee, has the possibility of renting more recent content (launches) as a separate event, for an additional fee; a convenience that directly attacks conventional rental companies.

Note that in the examples above, it is necessary to have a large team to produce or negotiate the content, promote, support and charge, among others. To be successful with paid content you need a product / service that can really win many customers, from a solution you have to a problem they have. If you can develop a platform with recurring charges (subscription) even better.

Smaller Scale Production or On Demand

How to make money on the Internet - content on demand

Another way to charge for content is to develop some intellectual material (book, video, audio, software, etc.) and make it available to your audience through a Marketplace (Mercado). The basic idea is: do it once, sell thousands.

In this case, it is necessary to make some more elaborate material, and this requires some investment in production, delivery logistics and / or technical configurations, depending on what you decide to sell.

See below some Markets that already have a huge clientele and can sell their content:

Digital Products and Infoproducts

Infoproducts are basically digital or information products, such as online courses (members area) or downloadable tools and products (documents), etc.

One of the most efficient ways of distributing your infoproducts is the Affiliate network, which acts as external salespeople who can reach an audience related to your infoproduct that you have not yet reached.

Producers are the owners of an infoproduct for sale, they are responsible for the creation, distribution and support of the product. Affiliates are digital sellers, who bring customers to the producer and receive commissions for sales achieved.

In Brazil, the main markets (Marketplaces) where you can create your digital products and sell your knowledge in format are as follows:

  • Eduzz – Several free tools to make your products, courses, tickets, charges and services available, using or not affiliates
  • Hotmart – Most popular, but most expensive, platform for distributing digital products, it is the oldest and has more affiliates
  • Monetizze – Latest platform, but also very powerful to sell products and manage affiliates.
  • Udemy – Exclusive platform for online courses, allows you to create your courses for them to offer on their platform.

Earn commissions as an Affiliate

In any of the above markets, the same registration serves as a Producer and Affiliate, so you can sell your own infoproducts and still receive commissions for other products that you find interesting.

You can also be just a seller and recommend products from other producers, so your revenue will come in the form of commissions, without having to produce anything at all. Just register on the platform to find the products you are interested in and ask to be an affiliate. The rules for accepting your order depend exclusively on each product.

To learn more about how to be a successful Affiliate, I recommend the Black Affiliate Course, by Prof. Luciano Augusto, watch the replay of the Webinar to get an idea of ​​how it works.

Mídia, Áudio, Vídeos e Modelos de documentos criativos

  • iTunes / Google Play– Digital Media Markets – Sell your digital music, videos and books. The value is honest, and below the offline market and the store gets a share of the billing. In the case of Apps for mobiles you can also give the App and charge for advanced functions or subscription to access your service.
  • Envato – Web and Multimedia Software Market – If you are a web developer or multimedia producer, you can place your content in Envato’s collection; they have 8 different stores for all types of audiences with the most varied needs.

If you intend to work in the software industry, you will need to make frequent updates and support buyers. For content such as books, audio, video photography and design this is not necessary.

Investing practically nothing but your time

Following the example we mentioned earlier, YouTube hosts and distributes videos for free from anyone who agrees that he sells advertising spaces attached to these videos. It is the price of admission: “do you want to publish for free here? So let us arrange for advertisers to pay the server bills and be millionaires with what is left ”. The tactic is so good that it works today, mainly because YouTube (read Google) is willing to share the cake with videos with many views and that can still generate advertisers. It looks too good, but it can work for you too!

Content Marketing (Inbound Marketing)

Google’s big secret, when it comes to related advertising, is that it has always respected the consumer by showing relevant, that is, interesting ads. From the search terms “ex: makeup tutorial” it is easy to detect that this visitor could also be interested in products from the brands Avon, Dove, Mary Key, etc.

How to make money on the Internet - YouTube

As obvious as this may seem, achieving this result requires a little bit of artificial intelligence and an immense structure to put relevant content on the visitor’s screen in a few seconds. This inside information is the great asset of the giants Google and Facebook. The advantage is that they share this data with their users. 😉

  • YouTube – Monetize your Channel – If you produce interesting and entertaining videos, you will get lots of views and YouTube will share a slice of the cake with you.

Realize that this practice is relatively recent on how to make money on the internet, but the concept of attracting people to relevant content is not that new. Regardless of age, Inbound Marketing (or Attraction Marketing) is very efficient and see how it can be used to your advantage.

Use what you already know!

If you don’t have a cinematographic vocation to produce videos on YouTube, no problem! There is another, more efficient way to make money using your own knowledge on the internet: Make A Blog.

You may not even know the difference between Blog and Site, so it is good to study a little more about the subject before venturing on this journey. But don’t be alarmed, with a little knowledge you’ll be able to get started.

How to make money on the Internet - Blog

Basically, a Blog is a type of website that promotes a specific subject for people with a common interest, for example: Organic Food, Fashion, Babies, Car Maintenance, Pets, Crafts, etc.

Say you have a small business and want to expand to the internet. The Blog is the best way to start a relationship with your audience. With frequent publications on subjects related to your business and an integration with your Facebook page, you will be able to talk to whoever is looking for your type of product / service and publicize your brand “by table”.

You can still simply talk about a specific subject in interesting and well-crafted articles, creating a “Digital Magazine” on a given topic. This magazine can still have Sections and you can count on the help of partners to increase the amount of content and the number of visits.

Refer related products and increase your financial results

In addition to your own content, you can indicate related infoproducts that complement your material, and earn commissions as an Affiliate on one of these platforms available in Brazil: Eduzz, Hotmart, Monetizze e Udemy.

To learn more about how to be a successful affiliate, I recommend the Black Affiliate Course, by Prof. Luciano Augusto, a specialist in Online Sales, has already invoiced more than R $ 4 million reais with infoproducts, with more than R $ 1 million reais at Hotmart, R $ 2.8 million at Eduzz and R $ 600 thousand at Monetizze. Watch the replay of the Webinar to get an idea of ​​how it works.

How to Make Money on the Internet

The “magic formula” of how to make money on the internet with your own knowledge is quite simple. However, it requires work and discipline – and no one said it would be easy or totally free – but the results are measurable and certainly worth it. So let’s see:

Attractive Design + (Relevant Content x Frequency of Publication)

Attractive Design

Every product with a professional and pleasant appearance can generate much more interest than a similar product that looks poorly done or unfinished. Today you can buy ready-made templates with responsive design and targeted to your language. First choose a CMS platform for your Blog and get to work.

The ideal is to have a paid hosting and a complete platform like WordPress – which has plugins to manage Advertisements, Google Ads and CTAs. – because the free options usually limit the functions and generate their own advertisements to pay for the structure you are using. If you want to try it without having to pay anything you can start with the WordPress.com version and then for a self-hosted structure.

Relevant Content

How to make money on the Internet - Relevant Content

Once you know your audience and relate to them, you can bring even more interesting information. The key to success in this case is to be loyal to the public and generate relevant content to your consumption pattern. Related posts are essential for keeping your audience engaged and discovering other interesting information you offer. Maintain the quality of publications by looking for references on the subject and citing sources.

Publication Frequency

Here is the gas for this engine: publish frequently. The more content you have, the more likely someone will find you on Google searches and share your content with your friends. And the more shares, the better your position in the Google ranking, which leads to the beginning and makes it even more likely that your content will be found and become a snowball – with positive results.

Use Google (and social media) to sell to you!

It was not for nothing that Google became the giant it is, as it managed to combine business intelligence with relevant content with the generosity of sharing a part of its revenue as a commission to content publishers like you.

  • Google AdSense – Make space for relevant advertisements on your website / blog and earn from the clicks of your visitors

As soon as you create new content on your blog, post your post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Social networks will serve as a springboard for the public to get to know your site. Your Site / Blog should generate trust and interest – remember the Attractive Design above – and consequently new shares. Here we form a snowball effect that should exponentially make your content the best reference on the subject, reaching the highly desired # 1 organic by Google.

So, let’s get started? If you want to work seriously with content, I suggest you read one of these articles to familiarize yourself with the subject:

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