How to publicize my work on the internet and attract more customers.

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Helo! My name is Dionizio Bach and I specialize in digital training for local companies. In these more than 20 years as an online marketing professional. many people ask me: how to publicize my work on the internet and attract more clients? And since there are so many options, let me explain better to you those that I believe will always work.

Your business on the internet

The internet is a worldwide network of people and organizations connected by their electronic devices: in general, their computers, tables and smartphones. The internet is VERY large and free, so it is very easy to get lost and not really know what is real or fake.

The Internet can function as a great library, but also as a great open market for everyone who wants to publish their information, services, products, etc. And to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for in this digital universe, search engines like Google and Bing have been developed to map all the public sites available out there.

Currently more than 95% of people prefer to use Google, as it has proven to be very reliable, in addition to bringing the most relevant answers to the questions that people ask daily on the internet. In addition, people have found that they can group together on social networks to network and also find tips and suggestions on topics of interest to them.

The use of social networks varies according to the profile of each group of people. Some prefer Twitter because it is more summarized, others prefer Facebook because it has a lot more options, some really like Instagram because it is more agile and visual. And we must not forget about LinkedIn, which is the favorite of those looking for new professional opportunities. This is just to name a few.

In short, people use social media in search of relationships with their family, friends and other people and organizations with common interests. They value more relevant experiences and information from trusted sources and share good experiences with their networks. However, social networks are fleeting and ephemeral, people use them only as long as they want and, inevitably, change to a better one than they appear.

How does my job to publicize work on the internet?

To answer this question, I propose a reflection: How is your consumption profile on the internet? When you need something, who do you turn to? Some people ask for referrals to acquaintances or in groups and forums, but most always search for more information from suppliers on a search tool, such as Google. It is unlikely that you search for suppliers only on social networks. I also believe that you do not like to follow pages / profiles of companies that are only publishing offers, without offering any real experience of value.

If we follow this logic, the best place to advertise your business is on Google then? The answer is yes and no. Imagine that Google was like a phone book, where only those who have a phone appear on it. Google only maps what already exists online, this means that your business needs to exist on the internet first. And it may be that it already exists. Try searching for the name of your business on google and check if your neomen is no longer listed on several other sites (local guides) without you even knowing it. Among the main local guides, we can mention Foursquare (used by Waze), Yelp !, Kekanto, Trip Advisor, among many others.

There are so many local guides that can already bring enough customers to your business, and Google itself facilitates our life through Google My Business (Google Maps). This is the starting point to appear well positioned in Google search, as it is usually the first result that appears when people already know your name. Claimed or creating a listing on Google Maps you guarantee that your business is found with updated information and official images of your brand (photos and videos). Your Google Maps listing can still have a 360 ° Virtual Tour of your structure, to generate more credibility and delight potential customers before leaving home.

With that we can conclude that the local guides would already be enough to disclose us for free on the internet. But keep reading …

To have a website or not to have… that is the question.

So that your business can grow and advertise as you wish, without depending on the rules that local guides or social networks define, the only way is to have your own website. And more importantly, it is essential to have your unique address, called a domain. For example: empoderamentodigital.com is our domain, where we have a website and several professional emails linked to it. On your website you can really answer the questions that your audience is asking and become an authority reference in your area of ​​expertise.

You may even think that having a website is expensive (and sometimes it is), but it doesn’t have to be. In my experience I claim that this is a myth, and considering the medium / long term benefit it will bring to your business, investing in a website is very cheap. The most important thing now is that you guarantee a permanent address that represents your brand on the internet, so Google and your customers will always know where to find you.

In Brazil, the best way to start is by researching the availability of your address on the Registro.br website. There, you can register your domain and the only immediate cost you will have to create and maintain your internet address is R $ 40 / year, and you don’t even need to hire a hosting yet.

Once you have created your domain the next step will be to hire a hosting company, to build your website and install an easy system to manage your content. I recommend WordPress, as it is free and can be expanded with many new features according to your needs, from a simple blog to virtual stores and other even more complex systems. With your website / blog on the air, you just need to put relevant content that answers the questions that your customers are asking on search engines. This content is your online heritage and will remain on your website, continually attracting new visitors, for as long as you wish.

OK, website + social networks. But where to start?

So far we have seen that your business needs a proper and appropriate place where you can attract and relate to your audience. This does not mean that it has to be on a website. You can start on social networks, you can even include YouTube if you feel comfortable using videos (and notice that I don’t even appear here). However, your professional strategy should include a website in your domain, as your website will bring you the freedom and credibility you need from your audience.

The perception of value changes when we interact with a brand that maintains a website, even if only informative, we generally trust these businesses more than those that maintain only free profiles on social networks. In addition, we want people to find us at any time, from anywhere on the internet, whether it is from a search done on search engines or any other social network, and not just the ones you use frequently. A website can be advertised widely, without any restrictions.

Combining these two strategies: Relevant and targeted content for those who search Google for what you have, and a relationship with the people of your audience on the social networks they are on, you will already be walking very well towards a powerful and growing dissemination in the appreciation of your business in its market segment. After that you can evolve to other techniques and methodologies such as Inbound Marketing, which include lead generation, email marketing, paid media, etc.

So remember: your website is your home, a permanent address where you are the one who sets the rules, use it to attract people and make your publications and offers; in parallel use your social networks as a real relationship space with your audience while they are still around.

Leituras adicionais

Google must show your business, you need to appear there, and you can even use the sponsored links feature that it offers if you want and can differentiate yourself through paid media. And social networks also offer something similar, running paid advertising targeted at people who have a profile according to their goals. Learn more about paid media.

For Google to position your site well you need to have many external links to your domain. One way to do this for free is to be listed in several local guides, such as Google My Business itself. These local guides are also a thermometer of the quality of your services / products for potential customers. Find out more places where your business can appear on the internet for free.

Also follow these links to better understand the difference between website and blog, and how to make a website cheap.

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