How to record professional quality video and audio at home

You want to learn how to record professional quality video and audio at home. Read this free translation of the original article Video Recording with Pro-Quality Quality at Home that I found in Kajabi on 04/02/2020 (during the quarantine of COVID-19). 🏠 #StayAt Home

Simple tips for using what you already have

Recently, Ira Glass – host of This American Life, one of the most popular podcasts in the world – shared a photo of him recording a new episode. Like the rest of us, Ira is practicing social detachment.

Which means there is no access to your normal recording studio.

His solution? Record at home, in a closet.

It is not such a bad idea. Other renowned professionals like Jimmy Fallon are also recording from the security of their homes.

And, as it turns out, many (if not most) of the best-selling products in Kajabi include videos that were shot in the homes of the creators. When setting up your environment, you can record professional-quality audio and video – all without a professional recording studio.

In this post, we’ll cover all the basics of how to maximize video production and quality at home. And don’t worry, the lighting features and video equipment we’ve covered here are items you probably already have!

Start with content

Many beginner course designers spend more time worrying about recording technology than their content. But the opposite must be true.

Your content is more important. People watching videos with less than professional quality if the content adds value.

Cole Johnston – Video Production Specialist

Before you start filming, take the time to develop your content and make it as valuable as possible. A rule of thumb is: “Make your content worth 10 times more than what you’re charging”.

Camera and equipment

Do you need to invest in a $ 2,000 DSLR camera and a professional microphone?


In fact, you probably have a camera ready to record your pocket right now.

I always tell people if they’re just getting started, starting with their smartphone. Nowadays smartphones are very good. They have 4k, 60 frames per second – it’s powerful! In addition, you already know how to do it. It is something familiar to you.

David Hinchman – Video Production Leader

Don’t have a special tripod for smartphones? No problem.

“If you don’t have a tripod, you just need to mount something,” said Dave. “Use a shelf and support it, point the screen towards you and easily see where your frame is.”


Proper lighting draws attention to you, the speaker. (And it has the added benefit of distracting attention from any confusion that may have accumulated during social distance!)

Use light from the window where

Lighting your photo with window light is free, easily accessible and produces accurate colors, including tons of perfect skin.

There are some disadvantages, such as having less control over the light that comes in and also where the windows are in your home. The window light may change during the video if you live in a particularly cloudy area.

“If you have a window with a white curtain, it diffuses and softens the light a lot, making it look very good,” said David.

To get the best results from filming at home, you depend on:

Shoot at the same time every day, early in the morning, while the light is soft or at noon, when the sun holds its position for longer.

Position yourself so that you have natural light from the window coming in from one side. Looking directly at the window or forming it behind you will result in very harsh light or an unpleasant silhouette effect!

Turn off non-daylight bulbs so that the cores do not give a rough tone to the skin.

The lamps can work… if you’re careful

If you want to complement your photography with additional light, or if you don’t have a window available, use a table lamp with a daylight lamp! Avoid using incandescent lamps, as the orange glow will emit an orange tint on the face and clothes, making skin tones unnatural again.

Place the table lamp or other domestic light source next to it, outside the frame and far enough away that the light is not as strong for your face. A great way to help this attenuation of light (or “diffusion”) is to add a white sheet, shower curtain or pillowcase in front of the light. You can also fix a lamp in place that can soften the direct light.

Imagem: Kajabi

Capture audio with professional sound

Having high quality sound in the course videos can be just as important – it is no longer important – it makes the video high quality. Poor audio quality has a greater impact on the immersion of your visitors than the quality or lighting of the video.

“I’m an advocate for audio,” said Irene Pavico-Tsukayama, Kajabi’s live video production leader. “I have learned over the years that people are more likely to stay longer and pay attention to your content if the audio is good. I watched a lot of YouTube tutorials that were useful, although they are not the best videos, but the audio quality is incredible. “

So, before you run out and buy a new camera that increases from real to improve the quality of your video, try these simple steps to get the best sound (and therefore the overall quality) from the equipment you already own.

Try to start with the equipment you have

Instead of choosing from a list of “budget microphones” that start at $ 300, focus on maximizing the audio that enters your webcam, smartphone, laptop camera, video camera, etc.

At the moment, although delays in shipping online are common and many non-essential stores chosen are closed, you have a great opportunity to master the hardware you already own. Why buy equipment that you don’t even need or know how to use?

Kajabi’s live video production leader, Irene Pavico-Tsukayama, offers great advice for everyone who records at home:

Super important tip before starting to record long video, especially if you are using an external microphone: if audio is being recorded. Press the record, test the audio, press the stop button and play. It is a great habit to develop and that I always implement in each session.

Reduce the echo in your environment

Have you ever noticed how an unfurnished room has a high and high echo, while just laying a rug can halve it?

Making the audio as clean as possible makes a big difference in the perceived quality of your videos. This means that the best microphones you can buy are those that eliminate echo and background noise.

You can also set up your environment for high quality audio. To do this, try the following:

Hang some blankets or towels next to your face. Make sure to hang them as close as possible, without being in the photo or in the lock light.

Place another blanket or towel on the floor, under your feet.

Hang another blanket or towel behind the microphone. This prevents your voice from bouncing around the room before reaching your smartphone’s microphone or other camera.

Imagem: Kajabi

Obviously, starting in a room with the least amount of echo possible will prepare you for the best results!

Following these tips means that not only will you get great audio for your video, but you can also reuse it. “By ensuring great audio quality, you will have an option to redirect your content to a podcast or an audio version of your class, if you are in Kajabi,” said Irene.

Composing video like confident professionals

Much like audio, the video quality component is the same as the parts configuration and equipment.

Concentrate on composing your photography with a good background without mess. Adding some personal items related to your business or representing who you are can connect your audience. A fun mug on the table helps a lot in building the affinity with the brand.

With your light and sound defined, a single piece left is just to ensure that your filming space is tidy, consistent and above all that represents you.

“You want the camera to be at eye level – this is the most natural type of appearance,” said David. “If the camera is lower than you and you are looking at it, it is an intimidating photo. And if it’s above you, and you’re looking at it, you look smaller.

Getting the technical setup is one thing, but looking confident on camera is another.

“Don’t think too much, don’t analyze too much,” said Esteban Robinson, Kajabi’s photography leader. “Just do what seems natural. Because if you don’t, it will appear on the camera. “

When your camera is already set up and ready to use, you’re free to focus on what you’re going to capture. “I kind of set it up and forget it,” said Esteban. “Cameras today already have very good features. The main point is not to focus on camera techniques, but to focus on someone’s appearance and tell a particular story. “

“When we started filming, I already know that the first initiates are unlikely to be‘ the good guys, ’” said Esteban. “But you never know! Just get comfortable with the camera. Accept the fact that these photos (or videos) will probably not be like the best, but they are a warm-up. Plan to spend an hour in the process. “

Another way to get comfortable on camera is to act as if you are talking to someone specific.

Think of the person you could help with the information you are filming and pretend that he is behind the camera / phone. Maintain eye and personal contact, as if talking only to that person. This will really help your audience to connect with you.

Irene Pavico-Tskayama – Live Video Production Leader

But… what do I do with my hands?

If you feel uncomfortable gesturing with your hands as you speak, leave them out of the picture. According to David, all you have to do is position yourself closer to the camera … Problem solved.

Each video is better than the previous one

Like everything else in your business, your videos will get better with practice. In addition, the best thing about digital courses is that you can add and update content at any time. 

So, if you want, you can re-record and update your videos as they get better.

The best way to create professional, high-quality videos is simple: cosm. Experience lighting in your home. See if you can add curtains to diffuse the bright lighting from the window. And practice feeling comfortable and confident on camera. “After all, you need to excel,” said Esteban. “If you are in a business where you have to show up, just take the camera and show your best.”

Fonte: Kajabi

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