Personalized guidance to improve your results with Digital Marketing

Are you tired of working restlessly on social media?

Online marketing can be frustrating, but you do not stand alone on this journey.

Learn how to attract more customers at a reduced cost, develop a strong online presence for your brand and generate permanent, growing and predictable results for your business. 

Use your time to do what you want and achieve your goals!


Find out how to get real customers, already interested in what you have, with a tested and approved methodology used by thousands of businesses around the world over the last 15 years.


Did you know that it is possible to get real customers without spending your precious time on daily posts?

Nowadays some social networks force us to tirelessly produce content to get some attention from the public, and we usually end up having very little results and, in general, reaching people who already know us.

What I’m proposing to you with the proven methodology of Inbound Marketing is to generate an online presence that lasts much longer than 24 hours, which will give you greater visibility, increase your reputation and will bring you growing long-term results.

What I do is opposite  to strategies that promise miracles, that make it look like everything is easy and free of charge, from crazy strategies like buying followers and leads. I believe that it is possible to get immediate results, but I prefer to be free of paid advertising, because as soon as you stop paying you also stop showing up.

I honestly believe that if you got here it is because you also want to get rid of it all, and you can start your journey to organic positioning success today, and experience  more and more qualified clients to show up and then publicize your work.

This is exclusive content that I gathered in more than 30 years of work as an entrepreneur in multimedia production and digital marketing. As I personally attend each business in a Virtual, Interactive and Personalized (VIP) way, I only have a few places available at a time, I suggest that you do not waste time.



The Journey 7-7 was made to create a marketing strategy applicable within the company’s resources, in a practical way. Thus, after the journey, you will have the autonomy to follow your next marketing actions, based on these pillars:

  1. Brand Consulting
  2. Digital Results Coaching
  3. Inbound Marketing Mentoring
  4. Essential Technical Settings7-7
Coaching de Marketing Digital - Jornada 7A7E (7 em 7)



1. Brand Consulting

Together we will investigate and document all the essential aspects of your business: purpose, values, methodologies, actions, identity, public, personas, customer journey, archetypes, products and services, to generate a prosperous and sustainable business plan.  

2. Results Coaching

Before starting the journey, it is necessary to define a destination, with clear and concrete goals. From there we will be able to outline strategies and monitor the progress of our journey. My goal is your success.

Mentoria de Marketing Digital - Dionizio Bach | DJIO

3. Mentoring of Inbound Digital Marketing

More than 30 years of experience in multimedia production and digital marketing will be at your disposal. You and your team will be able to answer all your doubts about online and offline technologies, in addition to exchanging experiences and uncomplicated training.


4. Professional Technical Settings

Sometimes you may prefer a specialist to make all the necessary adjustments, so that everything is the way you need it, and you can use your time with what you do best: taking care of your business.


planos modulares blocos de madeira 360sites 360tools 360mix


1. Identity

2. Backpack

3. Compass

4. My Tribe

5. Top 21 Destinations

6. Hit the Road

7. Showtime



These are some possible results, which I have already achieved with this methodology for me and my clients.

  • From zero to 2000 monthly visits in 9 months
  • Google first page in 3 weeks
  • Google’s first place for more than 10 consecutive years
  • Increase of organic traffic of 1500% in 6 months


My ONLINE PATRIMONY JOURNEY for PROFESSIONALS & LOCAL BUSINESSES offers 7 steps to create a productivity cycle that includes:


Consulting your brand identity and purpose


Mapping your business presence on the internet


Essential technical configurations


Mapping audiences and social opportunities


Editorial calendar and schedule of publications


Production of the initial contents and subsequent cycles


Efficient dissemination of your brand in an organic and paid way.


My name is  Dionizio Bach , I am a specialist in business positioning on the internet and I work with Multimedia Production for Digital Marketing, helping entrepreneurial people to understand how to use them in their favor, to achieve their results.

To sum up, I have over 30 years of experience with technologies and teaching them as an instructor.

I also have more than 25 years of experience with VR technologies, and since 2011 I have been teaching courses in the area of ​​360 ° photo and video for professionals and local businesses. This includes all possible segments of using immersive technologies, from education and tourism to sports, real estate, automobiles, Google Street View, etc.

For the past 15 years I have been studying all the main Google tools, since they are the structural basis of  digital heritage  for any business on the internet. This includes Google My Business and the Street View Trusted program.

My mission is to teach and demystify technologies in an uncomplicated way so that you have enough confidence and information to make better decisions for your business, whatever it is.

In addition to lectures and classroom workshops, courses minister  VIP  ( V irtuais +  I nterativos +  P ersonalizados) where my main objective is to ensure the success of the plans and projects of each student / client.

For this it is very important that we have clarity of your real goals to set up the best strategy and help you on this journey in the most accurate way possible.



This is a work of dedication of time and exclusive VIP service ( V irtual, I nterativo and P ersonalizado) for your business take off.

THIS IS NOT AN ONLINE COURSE where you are on your own.

We will work together, in weekly production cycles, for a total of 12 months, constantly evaluating the results and adjusting as necessary.

You can now take advantage of one of the remaining places on Journey 7-7 , enjoying all these exclusive bonuses at no additional cost:


Creation or Migration of a website in WordPress + Maintenance for 1 year ($2,000).


1 year of website hosting + professional tech support ($190).


Creation or renewal of domain for your website ($15).

Digital marketing

Automation platform to optimize results, filter the curious and identify potential customers. ($1,300)

Post Scheduling

Complete mLabs annual plan for scheduling posts and detailed reports ($30).


Customized and eco-friendly Interactive Virtual Card for you to differentiate yourself on WhatsApp and other services ($30).

Guarantee YOUR SPOT, and you will receive all the above bonuses and benefits for free as part of your Journey 7-7.

Limited time offer.



The Journey 7-7 is suitable for entrepreneurial people, professionals and local business owners who want to start an internet presence from scratch or improve their digital marketing, in order to  develop an online heritage  to generate results with real customers.

We will work on different fronts, from the clarity in the purpose of your brand, the alignment of advanced positioning strategies, training and qualification of your team to gain autonomy, to the operational part of digital marketing. Thus, you can expect results such as the acquisition of customers, from the increased visibility and reputation of your brand, through digital media. However, for the results to come, it is also necessary your commitment of total dedication during the process.

Brand consulting brings clarity of purpose and improves the immediate reach of qualified audiences. In 8 meetings, internal results in the business and changes in attendance can already be seen.

Works such as SEO – optimization of your page’s position, Google results – development of authority and generation of potential qualified customers may already be noticed in the first 6 months of the Day.

We emphasize again, that everything will also depend on your market segment, as well as your commitment in relation to our work together.

All of our meetings will be 100% online. So don’t worry about your location. As all of our work will involve digital marketing, we can do all the follow-up by video calls scheduled according to your availability and with an average duration between 1h30 and 2 hours each. The recommended frequency is at least one weekly meeting, however it can be accelerated according to your availability of time and dedication in completing tasks between meetings.

The Journey 7-7 already includes as a bonus all costs of hosting, domain registration, website creation and digital marketing automation tools for a period of 12 months. However, it is up to the client to decide what other tools and additional resources he/she wants for his/her business, including: Visual identity, logo, graphic design, stationery, online store, creation and editing of videos, photographs, virtual tour, among others. All of these services can be carried out on demand, prices upon request. 

After the 12-month period, the customer assumes the costs of hosting and maintaining the website, domain and other tools / platforms that he wishes to maintain.

The refund can be made up to 7 days after the initial payment.


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