Launch Formula? To buy or not to buy …

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The Launch Formula of the Brazilian Érico Rocha is a digital marketing strategy focused primarily on online businesses. In each class thousands of people are bombarded by advertising videos and e-mails of “irresistible offers” so as not to miss the unique opportunity to change their lives. But is FL (as they call it internally) the best option to advertise your business right now? Let’s see this together.

Launch Formula? To buy or not to buy …

The @VireiMeuChefe channel published a very cool video that clarifies – with the vision of a user of

Like many other small entrepreneurs in Brazil, you are probably wondering if it is WORTH IT to buy this course, the much talked about and desired Launch Formula.

The answer to this question is both simple and complex, as it comes down to a short and dry MAYBE!

Yes, that’s right, maybe the launch formula is the best solution for your business right now. Just as it may NOT be a good idea for you at all!

Then comes the complex part: understanding exactly what this Launch Formula is and finding out if it really is for you or not!

This is the function of this video =)

I want to introduce you to some situations in which the Launch Formula (a product that I am a client of and like a lot) may not be ideal for you! The idea is precisely to prevent you from being frustrated in any way by making a high investment and not obtaining the desired return.

Let´s go !!

Contact: rafael_aguiar@vireimeuchefe.com.br


Launch Formula is nothing new

On YouTube, there are dozens of opinions on the success, failure and viability of the Launch Formula. I selected below a very interesting opinion about “formula” and how people move away from the seller when they realize they are participating in a “scheme”. Take care when using ready-made recipes, as consumers are more intolerant of repetitive messages that use the same catchphrases every day.

Érico Rocha interviews the creator of the Launch Formula

The methodology was originally presented by another North American marketer named Jeff Walker. Check out the video below for Érico Rocha himself interviewing his mentor, the creator of the original Launch Formula.

Jeff Walker’s experience started as an initiative to publish a news blog about the financial market (similar to the inspiring story of Henrique Carvalho, founder of our old friend Viver de Blog). In the case of Jeff, he was more successful creating a product launch strategy, and then selling this same formula to others. In the case of Henrique, who already had a well-positioned product and business, he applied the formula to his already digital business.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste time living someone else’s life. Do not be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinion drown out your inner voice. Most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They somehow already know what you really want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

— Steve Jobs (by Pensador)

Is the Launch Formula for everyone?

In summary, the Launch Formula has great value for strategic positioning at a specific moment in some businesses. Despite what its “creator” has already declared (and remember that this is his business) the Launch Formula is NOT for everyone, and is NOT suited for any situation, nor for any type of business.

What the Launch Formula offers is exactly a launching methodology, based on digital information products that already exist, or that still need to be created. For the formula to really work and achieve the promised results, it is necessary that such products can be sold to thousands of people simultaneously, that is, if you do face-to-face services and intend to sell hours within your agenda, FORGET!

What kind of business works best for you?

Another thing that Érico Rocha advises against repeatedly is to use a mechanics of sales of physical products, because the formula only works for real, and presents the best results, with digital information products (ex: online courses). So, review your priorities and possibilities when considering the Launch Formula for this moment in your business.

  1. Do you consider yourself an entrepreneurial person and would you be comfortable in a situation of financial uncertainty?

  2. Do you already have mastery of online tools to enable a digital product that can be marketed simultaneously to thousands of people?

  3. You have the bankroll – financial contribution, investor or credit line – to spend much more (at least 3x more) beyond the initial value of the Launch Formula to make your digital business viable, until it is commercially viable and you can really make your first release?

  4. Do you have time available, or a dedicated team, to work exclusively for the next few months, until you develop the formula within your business to achieve the expected results?

  5. Are you interested in depending only on the success of these releases? (being that with the same value you can build several other ways to leverage your name and your business in an increasing and permanent way).

If your answer is NO to at least 1 but above questions, then DO NOT BUY the Launch Formula yet.

Keep learning how to use technology in favor of your business, explore other possibilities, continue feeding your Site / YouTube and relating to your audience on social networks. This will all increase the perception of authority of your name as a relevant reference person in your market segment, and the most important thing in all of this: keep answering what people are asking!

Do you already use the Launch Formula? Do you have any tips or questions about Digital Marketing? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

Did you like thit article? Use the comments below to talk about your experiences, difficulties and doubts on this matter.

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