Resource Pyramid – How to work less and make more money

Piramide de Recursos - Dionizio Bach

You may have already wondered how to improve your results and optimize your time to work less and receive more, right? Look at this pyramid of resources I developed for my own business and see how it can apply to your reality.

José Saramago

The Portuguese writer José Saramago, at the age of 86, during the release of one of his works, made an emotional and good-humored speech when a journalist asked him what he wanted most after his glory, then replied to everyone who now also only desired “time and life”.

Resource Pyramid – Identifying priorities and bottlenecks

This pyramid is very simple, it has only three pieces:

1) Limited Resources

2) Managed Resources

3) Unlimited, or Infinite, Resources

Limited Resources

woman covering face using wall clock

The first thing you need to remember is that your time is your most valuable asset, consider this:

  • It exists in a very limited amount (and you don’t even know exactly how much you have); When you have lost, there is no way to recover; You can’t buy more, not even with all the money in the world.

With that in mind, consider that the first part of the Resource Pyramid is the top, which is smaller and more limited. Everything you do that depends on a space on your agenda goes here. Because it is so scarce and precious, it must be the most expensive item in the activities you offer.

I make appointments that people schedule at times and I make them available. I cannot serve more customers than hours available during my work hours. I will always be limited by the calendar and my business hours.

Example of limited resources

Managed Resources

sticky notes on corkboard

Second, identify the activities that consume your time but that you are able to manage that time, or you can still delegate / outsource and simply not consume your time.

Here you can place all of your routine tasks that reduce your business to remain stable:

  • Read emails, reply to instant messages
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the structure
  • Research, studies and improvements to other activities
  • Production, preparation or organization of your processes, products or services.
  • Team management, customer support, logistics, etc.

This means of the Resources Pyramid is where you can dedicate your idle time, and charge less for it, since you can organize and optimize your activities to spend that time however you want.

I spend a good part of my working day learning new tools, documenting my services and producing content to attract new businesses. I also perform specific services such as creating arts, videos or technical configurations that take time, but do not need to be scheduled with anyone. In addition, I read and respond to emails, check my social networks and messages, make calls and connect with people who are interested in my work. All of these tasks I can do between appointments or at alternative times.

Example of managed resources

Unlimited Features

ipad, tablet, technology

The third lane of the Resource Pyramid is occupied by everything you can leave on “autopilot”, using automation tools or simply configuring these resources to work for you, even when you are sleeping. Here you can have a number of possibilities:

Digital products for download with Books, Document Templates, Software etc .; Online tools that streamline your service, filter your contacts and save your pace; Online courses that can be marketed on platforms such as: Eduzz, Hotmart, Monetizze, Udemy, among others; Content relevant to specific niches that you dominate with affiliate links that can generate sales and commissions; Optimized ad campaigns that attract customers to your content pages, or your products and services.

It is important to remember that there is an initial phase of production and configuration until these resources are ready to work on their own.

At the base of the pyramid are all scalable activities, that you spend almost no time at all, or almost the same time to perform 1, 100 or 10,000 times. In this way, these activities will be at the most affordable price, since you can earn no volume, and not necessarily dependent on the exclusive dedication of your time, or even a much greater effort to exponentiate your results.

During my routine I take the time to identify repetitive tasks and search tools that can replace me in what I am not irreplaceable. A good source of complementary income that I use frequently is affiliate links, which are linked to subjects that I already have mastered and found qualified partners to refer, so I get paid a commission for each sale that I direct to the partner. Finally, I have an online course that I advertise through ads on Google and Facebook / Instagram, in addition to having my own affiliates affiliated with me. Through my website in permanent posts I also help my students, clients and partners in the dissemination of their digital products: books, courses, individual or group mentoring, etc.

Examples of infinite resources

Resource Pyramid Summary

Your time is too valuable, it charges more when you have to make scheduled times available;

Charge cheaper for the activities you can do when you want, or those you can delegate to third parties and just manage the results; Find ways to optimize and / or automate your tasks, develop more economical items that you get to scale, or even use your website and communication channels to indicate affiliate links and receive sales commissions from your partners.

Pirâmide de Recursos - Dionizio Bach

How do I know if a resource is limited, Managed or Infinite?

Ask yourself the following questions of an activity or resource:

Does this require me to set a specific date / time on my calendar?❗🔴❗🔴
I depend on external resources that hold me hostage, unable to act?❗🔴❗🔴
Does this activity need to be done exclusively by me?❌❌❗🔴
Can I delegate / outsource the execution of this activity?🔴
Do I need to keep monitoring to check the results?🔴❗
Can I set it up once and let it work 24 hours a day?🔴🔴
Is it possible to multiply the results of the additional effort?🔴🔴
josé saramago - nao tenhamos pressa mas nao percamos tempo - pensador

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