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Your Online Presence and Brand Identity

VIP Training in Digital

Sometimes we are lost in the face of so much news, and the possibilities that technologies present us with. Some appear and disappear, others simply change, and it is difficult to keep up with that speed. Over the past 35 years, I have followed these changes and specialized in learning to teach in a VIP way (Virtual, Interactive and Personalized). Save your time and learn at your own pace, in an uncomplicated way, tips and tricks in the tools to organize your life, streamline your productivity or just update your knowledge.

Curso de Marketing Digital para Iniciantes
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Essential Online Presence

Our business needs to appear on the internet when customers are already looking for solutions, and this is not only on social networks, but mainly on local search engines and guides, or even for indications that are unable to say their name correctly. When people search for you or your services on the internet, are you already showing up correctly?


On-site and Off-site SEO

In addition to social media and paid media, SEO ensures that investing in the creation of our online assets can bring organic (free) results.

This requires some technical adjustments, research audits and sharing of links in strategic places.

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Brand Consulting

Sometimes our business develops naturally and without much planning. When we need to take bigger steps, in search of partners or new opportunities, it is very important to be clear about the objectives of our brand and our business model in order to be able to inform partners and employees of our common goals.


Digital Marketing Consulting

Have you ever felt lost in the midst of so many options that exist in Digital Marketing?

Before heading in the wrong direction, it is prudent to set realistic goals and then plan strategies to achieve those goals.

Count on my more than 25 years of working on the internet to help your team make better strategic decisions.

Mentoria de Marketing Digital - Dionizio Bach | DJIO

Digital Marketing Coaching

If you need help to achieve your goals and objectives in promoting your brand, and prefer to have someone who knows the way to guide you, count on me!

Using essential questions, we will find the best path to your goal and we will walk you together.

My Coaching process is much more than you think.


Digital Marketing Mentoring

Do you have time and willingness to go deeper into Digital Marketing? Would you rather learn than have it done? Do you want an expert who has to show the ‘cat jump’?

My mentoring will give you all the information that I spent the last 30 years learning. All my mistakes and successes to save your time and speed up your results.

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7Y7S Journey

This is my personal strategy, developed in my own business and applied to hundreds of customers around the world.

There are 7 steps that will accelerate your online advertising results with my personal monitoring of your business in 4 pillars: Brand Consulting, Results Coaching, Inbound Marketing Mentoring and Advanced Professional Settings.


Infoproducts Co-Production

Do you already have an idea in your head and an audience in your hands? Need help turning your idea into a scalable and recurring source of income? Or do you still not have an audience and need help to attract customers in addition to followers? 

I may be able to help you. Schedule a time without obligation to get to know each other and introduce me to your business plan. Don’t have a business plan? Shall we elaborate one together? 

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