The 5 must-have videos for every business, big or small

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I’m glad you are looking for videos for small business. In 2022 every business (in any industry) MUST have these 5 basic videos to develop a successful marketing strategy.

Some people might still think that videos are a luxury, or even expensive, but let me show you an easy and cheap way to get your videos done and fun.

To show you a great example, let’s check this fictional business called House of Plants, you will see samples to their essential videos and links to the same customizable templates in order to get started!

The 5 Essential Videos for Small Business

1. Brand Video

A strong brand video is one of the 5 basic videos for small business you must have. Notice how this video focuses on who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

Get this stunning brand video template here: https://promo.grsm.io/brand-video-example

2. Product Videos

A strong product video is the 2nd most important video you should create. Notice how this video highlights the benefits, offers a clear value, and describes how the customer can get it. Don’t forget to create a separate video for each product, and another one for each line of products or services.

Get this beautiful product video template here: https://promo.grsm.io/product-video-example

3. Sales Videos

A strong sales video is essential for any successful marketing strategy. Notice how this video focuses on details of the sale, products included, terms and conditions, and how to redeem the offer.

Get this inspired sales video template here: https://promo.grsm.io/sales-video-example

4. Launch Videos

A strong launch video can get your audience trilled for a new experience! Notice how this video announces the launch and release date, highlights the benefits and value offer, as well as how the customer can get it.

Get this exciting launch video template here: https://promo.grsm.io/launch-video-example

5. Social Proof Videos

Social proof videos are exactly what every business need to show their clients opinion. This is extremely important to raise the confidence of those who are in doubt about trusting you or not.

Notice how this video shows real-life customer testimonials, highlights the product or service, and describes how you can get it.

Get this brilliant social proof video template here: https://promo.grsm.io/social-proof-video-example
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Feeling inspired?

To get your ideas in motion I recommend promo.com as the best starting point, with all the tools and resources you need for creating your brand, product, sales, launch, social videos, and more!

Are you up for a challenge?

  1. Create these 5 basic video types for your brand;
  2. Publish all of them in your favorite social platform;
  3. Verify your reach and engagement (I bet you will be surprised);
  4. Come back here and tell me in the comments how were you results!

Need help making videos for your small business?

Don’t sweat, I can help you learn everything related to making the best videos for small business!

Did you like thit article? Use the comments below to talk about your experiences, difficulties and doubts on this matter.

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