Why is the content of our website Important in Marketing?

Porque o Conteúdo do nosso Site é Importante

When we publish a website or blog we are looking for greater contact with our audience and attract new business. To understand why the content of our website is important, let’s ask ourselves another question: how do you search for suppliers on the internet?

We usually go to Google with a question, and we seek to learn more about a particular subject, service, product or supplier. ex: because the content of our website is important

You reached this page because you were in doubt about the importance of the content. If you asked this question on Google, you may have considered this link to be the best result, that is, the best possible answer to answer your question.

We all seek answers, and answers are nothing more than content.

Content is why search engines exist in the first place.

— Lee Odden

Why the content of our website is important

People search for relevant content on the internet, either to solve their problems, or simply to increase their knowledge on a given subject. As entrepreneurs, our role is to bring interesting responses to our target audience in a trusted environment. To achieve this goal it is necessary to combine an attractive design (intuitive and responsive) with content directed to your target audience (Content Marketing).

When we create a sufficient amount of content to answer the main questions of our potential customers, we will become a reference, and possibly an authority on the subject in question, which will encourage visitors to share our posts, our solutions, products and services, making -the ambassadors of our brand.

Here are some benefits of having a website / blog with targeted content:

  • Content sells (reduces the need for advertising)
    • Relevant information has a high power of convincing and generating demands.
    • Your customers want to be educated on what to buy, and how to use your products and services. If you don’t inform them, other companies will.
    • Your content should inform without interest but point out solutions by discreetly directing to your solutions.
  • Keeps your email list clean (Email Marketing)
    • Your list of leads is targeted and interested in what you offer.
    • Avoid cancellations, as subscribers expect to receive your tips and news.
  • Content is the key to the relationship with our audience
    • Analyzing the content, we will know who are the people who visited, liked and shared each subject.
    • Using Call To Actions and Landing Pages it is possible to transform anonymous visitors into contacts (Leads), which can become business opportunities.
    • Taking proper care of your social networks you will be able to target your own content to answer the questions that people are asking.saberemos quem são as pessoas que visitaram, curtiram e compartilharam cada assunto.

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