Write little, always publish and update your old posts


Renata recently noticed that several of her posts are out of date, and also that some of them are too big, and her visitors may not have read them until the end. With this perception, Renata decided that she needs to improve her online marketing strategy: write a little less, publish more frequently and revisit her old posts to update the subjects.

In the software development business, there is a concept to ensure more trust and customer satisfaction: “deploy early and often” – which in a free translation would be something like “release [updates] early and often”. This concept also applies to the production of content on your website / blog: publish a little at a time, but always post, to keep your audience interested and remembering you.

Nobody has time to read a doctoral thesis to know that your product is great. However, referring others, sharing interesting posts and the amount of information your visitors find when they get to your blog, are essential points for your success and will improve your reputation as an authority on the subject.

The methodology of Inbound Marketing is to attract people to your content that answers the questions that are asked daily on search engines. The more content you have, the more chances it will have to be found, shared and referred on other sites; and the more external links to your site, the better your position in the search results. On the other hand, without content, how will people find you?

Updating your old posts

As we write, produce new texts and find new subjects, it is important to revisit old posts to understand what was written – and how it was written – to maintain consistency, in addition to updating data as needed.

You may notice that you mentioned a price that has changed, or put a link to a website that no longer exists. This outdated data can lead your visitors to wrong decisions, or to non-existent places. Each time this happens, the trust in your information and the authority of your site as a reference in the subject diminishes.


Renata learned about Online Marketing and knew that he needed to produce content. As I didn’t have much talent for making photographs or videos, I decided to write tips and interesting stories on his Blog. In the beginning she did not write very often, as she found it difficult to express her knowledge in words. Over time she got used to producing content and started to enjoy writing. Because of her new taste in writing, sometimes Renata got excited, and wrote very long texts. She recently learned that search engines consider pages with at least 300 words to be relevant, and that they value those with more than 1500 words even more, so she started paying more attention to the number of words in her texts.

– If 300 words is enough, I can divide some peripheral subjects into smaller series of posts, and for the most important subjects with the potential to generate new business, I will dedicate myself more and write 1500, 2000 words or more – he concluded.

*Para você ter uma noção, este texto tem aproximadamente 525 palavras, então não é tão difícil assiFor you to have a notion, this text has approximately 525 words, so it is not that difficult to reach these numbers 😉m alcançar estes números 😉

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