You Don’t Need to Try So Hard (Try – Colbie Caillat)

Try - Colbie Caillat

Our society is impregnated with the dictatorship of artificial beauty, and for women it is even more demanding and cruel. Everywhere advertising demands that you dress in a certain way, that you use all the resources and devices to stand out, or at least go unnoticed so that you are not labeled and rejected. This seems like a teen drama, but it is present in the daily lives of almost any woman, of any age, today in our world.

From time to time someone stands up to defend what really matters, the essence of the human being, the woman, and not what she appears to be. Eventually we came across something that deeply makes sense inside of us and, watching the clip of the song Try by the artist Colbie Caillat, it was as if she had translated what I always wanted to say to my wife, my daughters, relatives and friends.

And this is my message and tribute to all mothers and women on this International Women’s Day:

Você não precisa se esforçar tanto!

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